An Easy Way to Keep Track of Important Information

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Provider Premium All-In-One Screen

Provider Premium All-In-One Screen

I know that I shouldn’t admit this, but since we're all friends here and I know that I can trust that you won’t tell anyone, I will. I have to confess that when I was younger there may have been a time or two that instead of reading the full book that was assigned to us I read the CliffsNotes. Wow, it feels good to get that off my chest.

For those precious few of you that may not be familiar with CliffsNotes these are condensed books that get right to the point of what is important for you to know. This may not be the ideal way to experience these books, but it certainly is an effective way to get directly to the highlights.

The question you may be asking is, what does this have to do with information in my practice? As you know, in practice there are multiple pieces of information that we need to know to manage each patient’s case. It is often not feasible to reread each person’s complete file prior to each visit to reacquaint yourself with the material. The next best solution would be to have access to the most important points that you need to manage so mistakes are not made.

For many doctors, the travel card acted as the practice equivalent of the CliffsNotes. Doctors were able to have multiple visits laid out on a single sheet of paper, enabling them to make a quick review of what was relevant. The downside was that the notes that were scribbled onto these cards were often cryptic and while valuable to the doctor, usually meant very little to the third party insurers and other professionals that we needed to share them with as a record of our documentation.

Now we are entering the digital age and doctors are being asked to trade in their travel cards for electronic medical record systems. This has many advantages for the doctors. They will be able to construct their notes more quickly and they will be refreshingly easier to read. The downside is that most systems don’t have enough information on the screen to enable the doctor to fully manage the case on a visit to visit basis. If the doctor wants to access this information, they will have to jump back and forth within these programs to find it.

One of the amazing advantages of ChiroTouch is the implementation of the “Dashboard” or “All in One Screen.” This valuable feature allows the doctor to have instant access to all the information without the need to spend valuable time screen hopping. These features make ChiroTouch an ideal solution for both documentation as well as practice management.

These features include:

  • The Listing Spine - enabling you to keep track of primary subluxations, fusions, spondylolisthesis, etc.
  • Image Gallery – giving you instant access to a library of x-rays, sEMG scans, thermography, reports or anything else that can be stored in your digital filing cabinet.
  • Treatment Notes – truly the power house of information storage allowing you to recall portions of the exam, treatment plan, patient history or numerous other notes at a glance.
  • Diagnosis and Charges – allowing you to oversee what is occurring with your billing.
  • Treatment Plan – informing you of the patient’s current compliance in following through with your recommendations.

These and many other features are what have made ChiroTouch the industry leader in digital documentation and ensure that doctors are protected as we enter an era of post payment audits and record reviews.

Dr. Meinhofer is a customer sales representative for Integrated Practice Solutions, the makers of the ChiroTouch Chiropractic Software; a complete practice management software system designed to make your job easier and your patients’ experience better.