Dinner With Doc

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What does a dinner talk do for you, your patients, your community and CHIROPRACTIC?

  1. People who know more, refer more! By educating your patients and your community you are assured that they will not only value the concepts of chiropractic corrective care, the subluxation, and the adjustment, but will also build up the credibility of chiropractic in general. They will also see you as their family’s wellness provider. It will stimulate people to become patients, or at least get checked and see the difference between the pain relief modeled practices in your area, and you.
  2. The dinner talk helps to instill the idea of chronic pain and that correction takes time. Before and after studies help to show the people in your community and your patients that correction is possible, regardless of what they were taught and that is what you specialize in. It is our responsibility to educate them about prevention and wellness by getting checked regularly throughout life if we want to accomplish having a Chiropractor on everyone’s health-care team, and make subluxation a household word.
  3. It creates an easy portal of entry for newcomers. Many times it’s the families' best friends, people who work together everyday or go to worship together once a week. It could be their neighbors or people in the service industry that they see regularly in their life… not to mention the business owners, managers and supervisors that frequent your practice who would love to have you come and talk. Many times it’s difficult to organize a talk during regular business hours. There are different shifts of employees, and often your talks close out a particular group. In addition, let’s not forget the servers, managers, chefs, and kitchen staff at the host restaurant, and all the people who love to come to that restaurant on a regular basis that you will be exposed to by your energy or by lead boxes placed in the lobby area.
  4. It frees up the doctor from having the initial workshop in their office, while stimulating a tremendous amount of new families to participate in the easiest way known to any successful practice. People who buy your passion first and the principle of chiropractic are the easiest families to transition from sick care or no care to wellness care.
  5. It is the most cost-effective marketing tool out there. It builds relationships by the doctor and staff educating and caring about their community from all the possible avenues of new patients. Stimulating referrals in this method decreases the average cost of new referrals in your office dramatically. The office is built by the doctor spending the time to get into his or her community and educating them who you are and what you do.
  6. How to book the patients for a dinner talk:
    1. Establish a relationship at a local restaurant. All “U” can Eat is always a hit. Example venues are Golden Corral, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, or anywhere they have a facility to close off. Let the managers/owners know who you are, what you do and why you do this. Tell them you would like to have the employees of their restaurant attend, so they know who you are and what you do. And, finally, that you would like to place a nice lead box in their lobby to invite the regulars back for a dinner on the doc. This will increase the head count of meals served that week for the restaurant. Negotiate a plan that includes drink, tax, and gratuity. The average cost is approximately $7.50 for lunch and up to $12.50 for dinner. The classes should be for 25 confirmed only. Spread out the talks if necessary. If done properly you should always have at least 2-3 talks booked in advance. 25 confirmed attendees means approximately 20-22 will show, 75% conversion of guests will equate to 10-13 new patient appointments per dinner. If 75% of them show up in the office, that is is 7-10 new ones that you can invite back to a free dinner talk with their guests. If your case average is $3,000.00 for 7 new patients, this is $21,000 in revenue for every talk that costs you approximately $250.00.
    2. The doctor emphasizes during the report of findings that a special orientation class will be scheduled on the way out to guarantee successful treatment and attaining the desired results. They will get this information nowhere else. That is why it’s my policy and my pleasure to do this…most people bring 2-3 guests, so we will need to confirm exactly how many we can fit, as seating is limited.
    3. The CA explains to the patients upon checkout that the doctor does something very unique that I’m sure you have never done. He/she likes to take out all new practice members to a dinner or lunch for the first orientation to get better acquainted with you. It’s our way of insuring success because the word is out in the community, and we are sure that we don’t skip any steps. Your only requirement to come for this free lunch or dinner is to bring 1-3 guests or families that are not currently practice members already. Mom, dad, sisters or brothers, best friends or co-workers are welcome to attend. Seating is by head count as the doctor has to pay for the meal in advance. Your guest must be over eighteen years of age, employed or retired. "Which one will work best for you; a lunch or a dinner? I will confirm the day before, but how many do you think will be coming as your guests? The doctor doesn’t start the class until all confirmed guests arrive, so if you are running late or cannot attend, you must call me ASAP."
    4. Patients sign up in your office, and at places of your patients employment (with the boss' permission) accompanied with a special sign-in sheet with their business name at the top. This is a special gift from their employee to them to come to a special dinner talk with their doctor with their spouse (name and phone).   for free Put a lead box in the lobby of the restaurant with a sign on it to fill in a slip for a dinner with the doc. Topic i.e.: “The world’s greatest health secret revealed.”
    5. Supplies: spine, appointments booked for one week only, pens, merit chart, name badges or stickers, screening lead sheets for attendance, 3x5 cards and business cards.

Talk outline:

  1. Thank them for coming.
  2. Tell them what you are going to cover during your talk.
  3. Explain up front what your purpose is. Your goal is to have every man, woman, and child checked in this room following this talk, and that you have a special gift of health for every guest in this room.
  4. Explain correction versus pain relief model or auto accident only model.
  5. Tell them your story.
  6. Tell them what you used to think, what you found out, what happenedor what you observed. Explain that this is why you can never go back to the old way of thinking.
  7. Explain what a subluxation is and its devastating effects.
  8. Show and tell: Normal versus Forward Head Posture.
  9. Ask them “Who needs to know this information?”
  10. Tell them about their gift of health.
  11. Tell them what you covered.
  12. Tell them to write down at least 5 people they know and love that they want to know about this information right now. (Make sure they put their name on the top and review when they come in the office).
  13. Strap on the feed bag and work the room like you are greeting your party guests while your CA books all the appointment during the feeding frenzy.
  14. Watch your practice explode with the highest quality of new patients imaginable. When they come in it is as easy as an awesome exam, objective tes.
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