Are You Thriving In These Economic Times?

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Who is thriving during these economic times? Chiropractors who are changing their game are! The truth is, in times like these, if you keep doing the same thing you’ve always done, your numbers will go down. When the circumstances change (which they have), to have a thriving practice you need to get better at everything you do! This means your skills, your service, and most of all your communications.

In downturn economies, healthcare is one of the industries that continues to experience growth. The trouble is that people are not looking in the yellow pages for a Chiropractor to find health! Our profession does not have an identity crisis about what we do, but we have a communication crisis with how we’ve communicated what we do to the public! So it’s time we step it up!

Most chiropractors we speak with in the field are lacking in their certainty about what their business is and what their product is. They’re not even sure about what they offer! What are the symptoms of a lack of certainty? Low retention, low internal referrals, using scare tactics of fear and manipulation, being burnt out, having a practice that isn’t thriving, anxiety about reports of findings, etc. So how do we regain that certainty? We redefine what our business is and what our product does for our clients.

We help people get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime, while showing them ways not to recreate their health challenges!

So how do we help people really understand what’s going on with their health? That a back problem is not just a back problem but a health problem, and that they want to get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime? And how do we help them realize that we can help them get what they really want?

We call this The Whole Story, and the first step is to help them understand the need to clear up the present subluxations and show them ways not to recreate these problems in the future. Then we need to help them see the truth and consequences if they don't take care of these problems. Lastly we need to help them see that if they do get it taken care of they can hope to not only feel better, but also prevent problems in the future, reverse the effects of the aging process, and have a better quality of life! Clearly this is more about their health than their back, and they’re in the right place! The easy step then is just show them how they can have it!

The trick in our wellness communications model is not to lecture, but to ask questions. Not only does this help the person understand it at a deeper level, there is little to no resistance and their retention is higher. And on a second note, do you think it is easier for them to refer people to your office if they can articulate the whole story? Of course it is! We need to communicate by asking questions throughout Visit 1, Visit 2, Daily Interactions, Difficult Questions, Re-Exams, and Re-Reports! We need to plant seeds and teach under the radar to allow people to ‘get’ chiropractic from the inside-out!

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