The Power of Influence

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We all know that most patients come into our clinics motivated by pain. As chiropractors addressing the cause of health problems, the subluxated spine, we attempt to teach our patients about the true, underlying cause of their health condition as well as their pain. Sometimes we are successful and patients commit to a corrective program and sometimes they are only committed until their pain is gone. Our Challenge as purpose driven chiropractors is if they quit when their pain is gone we are left feeling dissatisfied, frustrated and let down because they did not understand our message. How could we have taught them more effectively? The problem begins when we don’t know the answer.

As a coach specializing in structural corrective rehab techniques like CBP® and Pettibon, I teach doctors how to inspire patients to make their health a top priority for WHOLE spine correction and pay cash for a rehab program. In fact, we have a model that is highly effective resulting in unprecedented patient commitment, pre-pay programs with high retention.

Traditional chiropractic models have taught most doctors how to tell a patients what their problem is, how long it will take to fix and how much the cost will be. This traditional model can be successful, but doesn’t handle objections very well, nor inspire a patient to commit when they do not have a financial priority. Does this sound familiar?

We teach;

Statements = Selling

Questions = Influence

Answering the traditional 3 questions of,

  1. What’s the problem?
  2. How long?
  3. How much?

This approach leads to selling your care.

The reality is each patient will commit to a program for a different emotional reason compared to the next patient. If you don’t find each patients unique motivation and inspiration to commit to a corrective program, you will most likely lose them shortly after their pain is gone.

For this reason, Elite Coaching teaches you to learn how to become a health coach. Coaching is about finding the inspiration within a person to help them find the discipline and desire to do something they have never accomplished before and helping them get past their own barriers to success so they can complete a spinal corrective program.

Coaching and creating influence is about learning to ask the right questions. By asking questions you are taking the patients through the thought process of the principles of health, chiropractic and the importance of the spine and nervous system. Most importantly, you are finding out how their spinal structural weakness is affecting their overall health and life in ways that will elicit a very strong emotional response. In this process, the patient will actually TELL YOU they don’t want to live with this condition any more, their lives are being affected in ways that are very frustrating and come to you asking for you to help them. The key is to find what is important to them on an individual basis and make it seem like their idea. When it’s their idea, you are no longer selling your care. They will come to you asking to be your patient because they have come to their own conclusions about how they want to live their life and your care is a necessary and essential step to take them there.

Follow the systematic steps of Elite Coaching patient management and inspiration and you will lead more people to optimal health without having to “sell” them what is ultimately the best decision for their health and life.

Yours in Health and Chiropractic Principle,
Dr. Fred DiDomenico

Dr. Fred graduated Chiropractic school in 1987 from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. Early in his education he discovered the principle and philosophy of Chiropractic and believed that an optimally functioning spine and nervous system is the foundation of optimal health and healing.
He knew his one-on-one system could not help enough doctors or make a big enough impression to change the profession so a few years later he and his partners formed Elite Coaching, the practice management system uniquely specializing in corrective care, rehab practices.
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