Who Needs Coaching?

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If you are a high performance athlete, a virtuoso musician, a politician in the public eye, or a top shelf entrepreneur, you wouldn’t think of functioning without advisors, mentors, and coaches to help you and support you, in interpreting the current landscape, planning your strategic actions, and correcting your course based on feedback and results.

Why, then, do so many chiropractors attempt to go it alone, in such a challenging marketplace?

Most chiropractors were spawned as rugged individualists, and got more independent from there. The very nature of chiropractic practice is a self-portrait, designed in the image of those influences each DC considers significant, as unique as a fingerprint.

But smart coaches know that there are patterns, categories of thought and action that lead to certain outcomes, and wise chiropractors enlist the aid of someone who can objectively oversee their practices, recognizing opportunities and pitfalls that might not be as obvious to someone who is too close to the situation.

A coach can observe your typical default habits, evaluate how they are affecting you, and encourage you to shift toward behaviors that serve you better – for example, if you expect your patient to be timely with their visitation schedule, yet you tend to be sloppy in your own chiropractic care, then that inconsistency shows up as a contradiction. You might not see the connection, but any coach would pick up on that incongruency and guide you toward acting more consistently with your own values.

In another example, many doctors desire a larger volume in practice, but have not yet developed qualities like confrontational tolerance, proactivity and drive, among other necessary preconditions for practice building. Good coaching includes tools for improving resources like these, which leave the doctor better equipped to address whatever conditions arise, with presence, skill and confidence.

Needless to say, coaches are also storehouses of practical knowledge, based on their experience and exposure to the spectrum of concepts and principles that form the foundation of their field of expertise. In chiropractic, a proper blend of strategy-based coaching, with the plans and actions required to shape the practice to the doctor’s ideal, and identity-based coaching, which directs the doctor’s attention toward inner qualities like motivation, certainty and willingness and supplies techniques for building and applying them, establishes an ideal format for helping chiropractors to explore and manifest their potential.

If you want to maximize your results in practice, consider working with a coach – it will reward you not only in practice growth, but in personal growth as well.

Dennis Perman DC, healer, author, speaker, producer and coach, is co-founder of The Masters Circle, a leadership coaching and practice building company for chiropractors. His original concepts on identity, self development and practice fulfillment have inspired thousands of healers and demonstrated practical applications of universal laws that influence millions of chiropractic patients. The executive producer of TMCtv, the world’s largest online video library for chiropractors, he continues to blaze new trails in chiropractic education, personal growth and success.
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