The Perfect Storm

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perfect_stormWe may live in the greatest time of all to be a chiropractor. Medicine is acknowledging the short-comings of prescription drugs and surgeries, the health insurance industry is crumbling, and patients are actively looking for alternatives to improve their quality of life. At the same time, chiropractors have at their disposal some of the greatest technologies available for disseminating information to explain who we are and what we do. This is a great opportunity for each of us as chiropractors to step up, grab the public’s attention, and excite them about the benefits of the chiropractic lifestyle. The internet is well-established as a valuable resource of health care information. Today’s healthcare consumer may often know more about their specific condition and the many options that they have to address it than their own doctors. While this is a great source of good information it is also a confusing sea of bad information as well. It is important that each chiropractic office takes the time to create a website that conveys valuable information to the patient that is well-referenced and is linked to other credible sites. A doctor’s website is more than just a way to direct people to your address and tell them who you are. It is a chance for you to establish your brand and credibility as a provider of truth.

Since the beginning chiropractors have adopted diagnostic technologies in their offices to better assess their patients. The chiropractic profession has pioneered the use of radiology, thermography, surface electromyography and many other technologies in a clinical setting for the advancement of patient care. Many of these technologies are affordable and non invasive so they can be used also to monitor patient progress. This technology also goes a long way in helping the doctor substantiate the need for care.

Doctors also have at their disposal software programs that enable them to lower their overheads and improve their patient flow. These programs can create a completely paperless office to the point of having online intake forms, improved staff communication tools, statistical reporting, bullet proof note taking, billing, scheduling, and a host of other features designed to make the doctor’s office life easier so that they don’t have to be married to their office. The more advanced programs are able to integrate with other technologies in the office to make them accessible to the doctor while he is with the patient.

We as chiropractors may never get another opportunity like we have today to truly see a shift toward positioning ourselves as the healthcare leaders we deserve to be. In many ways this is the perfect storm and it is up to each of us to collectively and individually make sure that our message is clear and that we have the education and tools we need to make this possible. As BJ Palmer said, “If it is to be it is up to me.” Don’t be afraid to become a leader. The public needs you more now than ever.

Dr. Meinhofer is a customer sales representative for Integrated Practice Solutions, the makers of the ChiroTouch Chiropractic Software; a complete practice management software system designed to make your job easier and your patient’s experience better.