How Web Technology Can Grow Your Business

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technology200-1The internet is all the rage for connecting people to services and information. When people want to find a business they Google it, and the results come straight into their home computers and cell phones. These days, you may have no technical experience, but you hear all over the news and media about “social networking” and “twitter” and web 3.0 and want to learn more. As a chiropractor, you don’t have time to waste so focus on the following simple ways to use free advertising tools that introduce your brand to the world.

Web technology can be daunting for a small business owner but to keep ahead of your competition, you need to adapt your business to these new marketing concepts. Having a website is a great start to developing your brand. A website is like a loyal employee for your office that works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As with everything, the more that you invest in advertising and improving the quality of its content, the more you will get out of it.

Establish yourself as the most credible chiropractor in your city through the internet. You can do this through link exchanges with other wellness related websites and adding your information to online chiropractic directories like and It is also important to add immersive, valuable content to your website. The web is like a huge library that needs to organize and index itself. If you have a link to your website on similar themed websites, especially reputable ones, you will be more likely to be that “checked out book”!

For instance, make a video of what you do best, whether that is adjusting a patient or explaining a service you provide, let’s say, nutritional counseling. Keep in mind if you don’t have something valuable to offer people visiting your website, they won’t call you for an appointment. As you know, people have a lot of choices of places to go on the web. What about your brand makes you more credible than the next website on their Google results page? You may only have a few seconds of their precious time, so wow web visitors with your knowledge, charm, or patient testimonials.

You can easily distribute a video to a high traffic website like YouTube and add keywords to it associated with your city name and the word chiropractor and you will instantly generate widespread web exposure. If people like what they see, your video will become a “viral” hit, and they can grab your video code or link from YouTube and share it with their family and friends through email and social networking websites.

If you want to take the “social networking route” then you could set up a Facebook or Twitte account and find the people you already know on that website. This could be your business partners, family, or patients. Then you could create a group dedicated to your business and invite your web community friends to join it. Talk about what your office is doing and offer specials or free wellness advice. This way, people will want to join your group, check out your website, and make an appointment, all because something about you or your brand caught their attention!

The same goes for any blog or community forum. For example, if you notice that a lot of people are getting to your website by typing in “pregnancy and back pain” then you can find a blog or Yahoo group devoted to this topic and make informative comments to postings with your website link at the end.
Do not engage in spam techniques where you just post a link to your website for the sake of getting more traffic, or load up your website with keywords without having the actual valuable content there as well. This can get you blocked by search engines or worse, give your business a bad reputation. You could also write an article about that topic and connect it to a promotion in your office for pregnant women, and send it out as a newsletter or distribute it as a press release for your office. If people like what they read, they can “digg it” (through or other social bookmarking websites to help you generate more traffic as well.

Also, make sure your office is listed in Google Local Business Center and to help people find you! Direct your current patients to your website for convenient resources such as filling out patient paperwork or direct them to your online store to purchase their supplements.

Remember to stick to the basics and advertise your domain name on everything including your voicemail and email signature. If you feel like all of this technology is overwhelming, start small, hire your teenage neighbor to manage your online presence, call your website’s support team, or read a blog like to stay on the cutting edge of technology and apply what you learn about exciting web tools to develop your brand.

Kate Riley is a writer and support coach for ChiroMatrix, the leader in chiropractic websites and marketing. Through search engine optimization webinars, newsletters, and one on one coaching, she has helped hundreds of chiropractors grow their online presence and use the web to revive their practices. A graduate of St. Lawrence University, Kate currently resides in San Diego, CA