ChiroTouch Continues to Lead Industry with Latest Practice Mgt Software Release

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ChiroTouch Continues to Lead Industry with Latest Practice Mgt Software Release

San Diego, CA – May 25, 2009 – In their ongoing effort to maintain their position as the leading practice management software provider for chiropractors, ChiroTouch™ has just released Version 4.0, their latest iteration of the powerful ChiroTouch software system.

“While the previous version of our software has been endorsed by the most influential chiropractors, professional organizations and associations in the United States, we knew we couldn’t rest on that success,” said Robert Moberg, COO at ChiroTouch.  “ChiroTouch is dedicated in its efforts to continually innovate—always seeking to improve on every facet of our software in order to help our clients grow their practices and improve their patients’ lives.”

Version 4.0 incorporates a host of new, innovative features designed to empower providers by lowering costs, improving patient care, and increasing practice revenues.  Some of their groundbreaking new features include:

•    CTIntake:  Rather than patients filling out intake forms in the office where staff have to re-enter or scan the information, CTIntake will automatically import the information into ChiroTouch, generating a new patient record—all through a secure connection.

•    CTReminders:  ChiroTouch can help chiropractors and staff stay in touch with clients beyond their office doors with the new CTReminders feature.  This feature allows the provider to send e-mail and text messages to their patients to remind them of upcoming appointments, significantly decreasing the number of missed appointments.

•    CTSecure:  With a paperless office, the need to have backups of patient data is critical.  CTSecure now takes care of this task by automatically performing regular online backups of patient information, automating yet another tedious task.

•    MyChiroTouch:  Through this first-ever chiropractic community portal, chiropractors using the ChiroTouch system have access to training documents, videos, and practice-building webinars.  A template-building utility and library is included to help office staff create custom appointment reminders, and free chiropractic code searches can be conducted. These are just a few of the current tools housed in this rapidly growing resource.

“In addition to the new features listed here, we’ve also added the ability to annotate PDF records, and updated our fee schedule feature to include allowed amounts and automatic calculation write-off amounts,” said Ryan Stenberg, Director of Marketing.  “Prior to the release of Version 4.0, we were already several steps ahead of our competitors.  This release puts us miles in front of other systems, and we’re very excited to bring it to our clientele.”

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