ChiroTouch: an Office Solution to Grow Your Practice Green

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planetchirotouch_dsAs we save the Earth’s resources, we also save your practice money. Reduce your environmental impact with ChiroTouch by going paperless and reducing your overhead cost of paper products, toner cartridges, file space, and time-saving measures.

ChiroTouch is looking to do our part for the environment, and we are looking to further the reaches of our contribution through your practice.

Since the year 2000, ChiroTouch has saved our clients 2,055,11 travel cards, 7,101,580 billing papers, and 2,148,219 staff hours; dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of their practices. In recognition of Earth Day, we want to pass some of this green on to you. So we had some fun and threw these numbers into a bucket. We added up the savings, and then divided the number by the carbon footprint of our clients over one year’s time.

Now we’re taking these results and passing them on to you as a
$1,876 REBATE!

Purchase ChiroTouch before Earth Day, April 22, and receive our Earth Day Rebate. It will do more than impact the Earth, it will reduce the impact on your wallet.

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