CLA: Discover the Benefits of First-Class Partnerships

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Now ChiroTouch and CLA (Chiropractic Leadership Alliance) are working together to enhance your practice. No more saving files from your CLA Subluxation Station™ and manually moving them into your ChiroTouch electronic patient records. With our latest integration, your reports and images are automatically saved to your electronic patient records with just a few clicks of a button! Here at ChiroTouch, our goal is to make your processes faster, and in turn help you reach your ultimate goals. Export your scans and NSFI reports directly to ChiroTouch and save them to your patient’s records quickly and easily, giving you even more time to spend with your patients. CLA has been an industry leader for the past 20 years providing support for the Chiropractic profession in the areas of technology, education and politics. To find out about other services and details about upcoming events visit their website.

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